We believe in a mindful approach to fashion and aim to offer more sustainable alternatives without compromising on style. Dedicated to small scale production and careful material sourcing, we design investment pieces that will be reliable favourites for many seasons to come.


To minimise our footprint we always opt for 100% natural fibre fabrics. We source European linens, handwoven and naturally dyed organic cottons from India, recycled cottons, raw silk, tencel and other innovative, eco-conscious alternatives to synthetics and synthetic blends.


We’ve been working with a boutique, female led manufacturer and her small team in north-west London since the inception of our womenswear label. We see Ren London as a collective effort of our design and vision made possible through their skilful manufacturing expertise to bring you conscious style.

manufacturing Ren London
manufacturing Ren London


As a direct to consumer brand we avoid intermediary mark-ups and this way can ensure the best value for our customers. While we don’t wholesale our clothing to other retailers, we do sometimes collaborate with like minded, independent shops. To experience our collections in person, you’ll always find a selection of Ren London pieces at Henri Store in London and Ottowin Shop in Bristol. 


Ren is a London based designer with a passion for natural textiles, thoughtful and well-designed clothing and a slow and sustainably minded lifestyle, which she hopes to inspire in others through her collections.