The Good Stuff

My friend Zoe and I embarked on a little project today - making our own natural deodorant. A part of living a mindful lifestyle means being an informed consumer, so when it comes to beauty and hygiene products I am definitely aware (and you should be too!) of the sticky issues surrounding a whole bunch of ingredients used in commercial products. 

I've been a fan of and using natural deodorant formulas on an off for years now (on the off times, I just don't use any). Regular deodorants are known to contain a variety of toxic chemicals, carcinogens and pesticides that enter your bloodstream and reek havoc in your body. These harmful ingredients can cause everything from hormonal imbalances to cancers (yikes). Armpits being in such close proximity to your boobies means that whatever nasties are being absorbed by your pits, they're also traveling right down into your breast tissue. So, if it's something you've not been aware of, ditch your Dove and your Speedstick and get on board with natural deodorant. There are many natural varieties in store to choose from, many of which are naturally and beautifully scented, but you can also simply make your own! If you're up to the task, it's a fun project and you can customise your deodorant using organic essential oils or just leave it smelling of coconut oil. What I like about using this homemade formula is that coconut oil is really great for soothing any razor bumps. For happy pits and healthy humans, here's the recipe for the good stuff:

What you need:

  • Organic tapioca starch
  • Organic bi carb of soda
  • Organic coconut oil
  • A selection of organic essential oils
  • A dark glass pot with lid
  • Sticky label


Combine equal amounts of bi carb of soda and tapioca starch, then add coconut oil (warm it up in hot water if it's solid) until you reach a desired consistency. It shouldn't be too cakey, but slightly runny. Keep in mind that the coconut oil will solidify. Add 10 drops your choice essential oil. Et voila! 

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