Travel Diary: Vietnam

Anyone who is fortunate enough to love their job will know how all consuming it can be and how difficult it is to break from. As a small business owner and the maker, not only is it physically difficult to get away, but it's even more challenging to mentally disconnect from work. Yet, I've come to realise that now more than ever taking that time out and stepping away is when it's most essential. Time for reflection, time to be still and time for inspiration. Taking time out from your normal routine is crucial for a well rounded experience in life and in business. 


Most recently I embarked on a two week trip to Vietnam. It was a well balanced tour during which I visited the Mekong Delta, had a much needed dose of beach and sunshine on Phu Quoc Island, cruised on Halong Bay and book ended the trip with two incredible cities - HCMC and Hanoi. I left wanting more and did not miss a western diet, which says a lot after a very Pho heavy two weeks! I hope to return to this wonderful country for a more thorough exploration. In a nut shell - Vietnam absolutely blew me away. Everything from the warmth and hospitality of the Vietnamese people to the mouth watering dishes, to its charming cities, inspiring landscapes and the COFFEE. If it's been on your list of places to visit, I suggest you bump it up and make it a priority! 

Don't miss:

Cafe Hoang Thi, HCMC | Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island | Uu Dam Chay, Hanoi | Cong Caphe, Hanoi

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