Ren Clothing

It's here!

Ren Clothing is now out and available to pre-order and I couldn't be more pleased this day has finally arrived! It's taken close to a year to get this venture on its way and I am so grateful for everyone who's helped me over the course. I've worked closely with local producers from the development of patterns and samples to the manufacturing. This experience has certainly taught me new skills and gave me greater understanding of the industry. It has also informed me that it is possible to produce locally, support local jobs and industry and deliver a product with integrity at a fair cost. 

These first pieces are a good glimpse of what's to come as I continue to develop the range - simple, relaxed and wearable clothing in natural fabrics that transcend time, trends, and age. Clothing that compliments the home linen range for a slower, more mindful way of life. 

Ren London