To Paris and Back

To Paris and Back

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to catch up with my suppliers at a large biyearly exhibition, so I went to Paris for a little mid-week rendezvous with my fellow girlboss in tow, ZM Jewellery. 

We stayed in the heart of the charming Le Marais in a family friend's apartmentIt's a great little area of Paris that's brimming with classic French cafés and an extensive array of shops. Brand names such as A.P.C., Aesop, Han Kjøbenhavn, Margaret Howell, American Vintage, Diptyque and many more nestled among the quaint Parisian streets. Here you'll also find the Museé Picasso, and Centre Pompidou along with Atelier Brancusi are not to be missed for they are only a short walk away. If walkin' ain't your thing, there's transport nearby to access the rest of the city. But really... you should walk everywhere. It's Paris!

Getting there: Eurostar for a quick and comfortable crossing (book in advance for the best rates). Plus, none of this 100ml-only-liquids-business, which means you can return with bags-full of wine or shower gel... um, anyone as obsessed with Le Petit Marseillais as I am?

Eat/Drink: Camille is an ol' trusty in Le Marais for a coffee and a croissant and a bit of people watching. Always sit outside, no matter the season or weather. Marcel et Clémentine was a pleasant find in the 9th arrondissement with a great atmosphere and excellent food. 

Don't miss: Atelier Brancusi and Museé de L'Orangerie.

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