Rooftop Session with Anne Claire Fleer

Painter's shirt on Anne Claire Fleer





How do you take your coffee? Decaf. Black in the morning, milky in the afternoon.

Cold or warm holiday? Warm holiday in Spring, cold holiday in Autumn. 

Where did you grow up? Roermond, a small town in the south of the Netherlands.  

How would you describe your art? Abstract, bold, colourful, moving and busy.

What's an average day like for you? I feel best when I wake up early (6am), starting each day with yoga and meditation followed by breakfast and coffee. After that I either grab my art supplies and paint my heart out on my rooftop, go out and vlog my way around the London art scene (YouTube: Art by Anne-Claire Fleer), jump behind my computer for some admin and social media (Instagram: artbyanneclairefleer) or work as a barista at a cute little cafe in Hackney. In the evening I like to slow down with some good food and a tv show before I'm off to bed. 

What's your favourite room in the house and why? Open plan kitchen, being able to enjoy cooking food in the kitchen while at the same time enjoying the atmosphere in the living room (think candles and company of friends) 

Your go to piece of clothing. Oversized sweaters. Always have, always will. 

Top 3 favourite London places. Broadway Market, Columbia Flower Market and Primrose Hill. 

What makes you smile in the morning? My morning routine (yoga, meditation, healthy breakfast and coffee) and the freedom of being my own boss, owning my own agenda. 

Favourite Dutch word. Gezellig (no real translation, but the closest word would be cosy). 

Anne Claire Fleer is one of those women that just exudes bright, positive energy. She has an infectious, sunny smile that lights up a room and a breezy way about her that makes it incredibly easy to chat away just about anything. She embodies that casual and carefree, creative life with an effortless confidence. I first met Anne Claire at my local cafe and over months of small talk discovered that she hails from the Netherlands and traded in a corporate career in the financial sector for a slower pace artistic lifestyle. She's intuitively gone after what makes her happy and wholeheartedly embraced all the changes along the way to become the bright and positive person she is today. I knew I wanted to work with Anne Claire in some capacity, so when I began circling around the idea of a limited colour run of Painter's shirts, she was my girl! Below are some photos of Anne Claire in her element, atop the rooftop of her flat where she spends her time painting above the bustle and hustle of East London. 

Anne Claire is wearing our Painter's shirt in Biscuit, Cream and Cloudy.

Anne Claire Fleer

Currently exhibiting:

October 5 – November 1 2017 Creative Debuts, Shoreditch, London

Upcoming exhibitions:

November 1 – December 1 2017 Acqua7, Dalston, London

January 13 – January 28 2018 Het Achterhuis, Roermond, The Netherlands


Insta: artbyanneclairefleer

YouTube: Art by Anne-Claire Fleer

Anne Claire Fleer
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