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we're PASSIONate about TEXTILEs

Combining ethically sourced, natural fabrics with thoughtful design to deliver conscious products for your home and wardrobe.


for the home

Our home textiles range is made using the finest, laundered European linen fabrics that are soft and supple and age beautifully. The linen comes from a small flax mill in northern Lithuania where Ren's grandmother worked for nearly 40 years. All home textiles are sewn and printed by a hand in Ren's east London studio. 


ren london linen cushion
ren london median dress

for the wardrobe

We create clothing for the conscious consumer, in a slow and considered way with sustainability in mind. Our focus is on comfort and wearability with an emphasis on ethical fabrics that are beautiful as they are practical to wear. All clothing is proudly made right here in London by small batch production.